Vincent and Amalie: A Musical For Young People

Book and Lyrics by Laura Guli

Music and Orchestration by Premila Mistry

*All content is copyrighted Laura Guli and Premila Mistry 2015

and has been under the protection of common law since 1998. 

No copies may be made or transferred for any purpose.*

vincent-van-gogh-the-cafe-terrace-on-the-place-du-forum-arles-at-night-1888-sr185-small-400x400-imadkbp5ysxbzefhPlot Summary:

Amalie, an 11-year-old girl, is new to her school. Awkward and shy, she has difficulty fitting in with her sixth grade class, and is often teased and bullied for her differences. On a field trip to the local art museum, she discovers a painting by Vincent Van Gogh, Cafe Terrace at Night. She soon discovers that she can magically travel to the world of this painting in her dreams. Here, she befriends Van Gogh, who inspires her, and encourages her to have confidence in the unique person she is. Like Amalie, we see that Van Gogh too is misunderstood and mocked by those around him. As things grow more difficult for Amalie at school and reach a crisis point, she is faced with the need to make a choice: Does she stay in the world of her painting, or return to the richness, risk and possibilities present in her own life?

Setting: Alternates between modern day Amalie’s classroom/bedroom and the scene from Cafe Terrace at Night, Arles, late 1800s

Sample songs:

Note: At least 17 songs full songs exist; we have not yet recorded the chorus pieces with lyrics

“Just a Frame”

“Starry Night”

“Road to Somewhere”

“Amalie’s Song”


“Fitting In”

“Creative Mess”


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